The Old Museum Building is a treasured heritage listed site in Brisbane and was originally called The Exhibition Building and Concert Hall from its construction in 1891. When the Queensland Government took control of the building in 1897 it became home to the Queensland Museum.

The master craftsmen at McMillan Heritage Plastering were involved in the 2014 restoration of both turrets and gable end on the eastern exterior façade which looks onto Gregory Terrace. Using traditional lime mortars and time-honoured techniques, finials and string courses were replaced using the ‘in-situ’ method. Lime repairs were also carried out on cupolas, finials and pier caps followed by original scrub fine coatings which help reseal the exterior of the façade.

In 2015, McMillan Heritage Plastering is continuing with additional works to the exterior façade of the Old Museum Building.

In 2018, the master craftsmen at McMillan Heritage Plastering were enlisted to carry out traditional scrub fine repairs to finials, cupolas, balustrades, and stringcourses on the south and western faces of the concert hall.

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